Deer Petals

Flowers are like unicorns! Enchanting and whimsical.
We are fancy yet simply beautiful.

We are bestowed with flowers, the colourful gift of nature that is ever so mesmerising. No one can really explain the joy flowers add to a joyful occasion and the grace it gives in times of grief. Everyone would be delighted to receive a beautiful bundle of sun kissed blooms on any occasion.

At Deer Petals, we want to provide you with distinctively memorable blooms at an affordable price without compromising on service or quality.


We are also happy to hear from homeowners who would like to add a touch of greenery and floral elegance to your home with our uniquely designed floral centrepieces. Easily reach out to us by having a quick chat or by writing to us, for your floral related needs. It will be our pleasure to make your day more magical with our floristry!

Finally, we as a team, recognise the importance of loving Mother Earth to the best we can. We minimise the use of plastic in our products. Most importantly, to reduce waste, we keep our wrapping simple and elegant, and avoid excessive use of materials in our products and work. We let our flowers do the talking!               Your Personal Florist

Deer Petals Bouquet