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Behind The Name

Deer Petals Bouquet
Bringing earth's rainbow to you.

If you are looking for special premium blooms for your bouquet, or a dazzling floral decoration to complement your event and space, you are at the right place.


Started by Liz, a unicorn wannabe, who likes nature and animals - she's the florist behind the works. We are also accompanied by our meowdel, Piggles! You'll be able to spot her occasional appearance on our social media!


At Deer Petals, we aim to provide you with distinctively memorable blooms at the friendliest price possible, without compromising on service or quality. We also recognise the importance of loving our Mother Earth to the best we can. To reduce waste, we minimise the use of plastic and avoid excessive use of materials in our products and work, so you may notice we keep our wrapping and styling simple. We like to let the flowers do the talking!

Easily reach out to us by having a quick chat or by writing to us, for your floral related needs. It will be our pleasure to make your day more magical with our floristry!

♥ Your Personal Florist

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