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This package delivers 3 rounds of bouquet and will save you $5 from our current pick!


Blooms: The flowers will follow the current pick of the day, which changes every 4-6 days. Flower types will include year-round and unique seasonal blooms.


Approximate Size

Bouquet: Width 30cm, Height 36cm (Regular)

Upsized Bundle: Width 35cm, Height 40cm (+flowers and fillers/greens)

  • By choosing to upsize, all 3 rounds of bouquet will be upsized.


Jar: Mouth Diameter 5.5cm, Height 17cm

  • The jar will be delivered with the first bouquet



The images shown are for reference only.

2nd and 3rd images represent our regular and upsized bundle respectively. The other images represent our regular bundle.



Our delivery is every Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

Delivery will be made 3 times based on your chosen frequency of weekly/fornightly/monthly. The subscription will start on your indicated date of delivery, and subsequent deliveries will follow the day of your first delivery.

Current Pick (Subscription)

  • * Delivery is unavailable on Sundays.
  • Choose Specific Time on the Special Delivery option.
  • Include your preferred delivery time under Date of Delivery.
  • Please give a minimum of 2 hour time frame, e.g. 10am-2pm.
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